Wode by Boudicca

Wode is the first "art" fragrance by Boudicca which launched during Frieze Art Fair last week and can now be all yours for £85 from The idea came from the Ancient Britons who used a blue plant extract "woad" as tribal markings (apparently in its raw state it is a muddy hue and only when exposed to oxygen did it turn blue) and it has taken almost a decade to develop. I think this is pure genius - even after the blue has disappeared the Boudicca mark is still on you just in a completely different sensual form. The packaging is in the shape of a spray paint can to symbolize that graffiti is the modern day war paint. Boudicca is also in the process of creating a collection of garments with 'hidden meanings' which are revealed by spraying them with Wode.

Zowie Broach from JC Report on Vimeo.


Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals

Ok I realise that I go on about Jeremy Scott quit a bit, I really don't think he's THAT great but I do love love love his new line for Adidas which hits selected fashion boutiques come 1st February. I've never really been into sportswear that much apart from the occasional hoodie so I was really impressed when I saw these pics. I've been looking for the perfect flapper dress and tails coat but they've been going for ridiculous prices on Ebay. Maybe its fashion fate - maybe I'm supposed to get these instead? Although I'm not sure of the prices yet, it could be what my wardrobe is missing.

And yes I'm even in love with the trainers (the angel wings ones will also be available in white but personally I think the gold looks more impressive). I usually only admire trainers from afar as they make my legs look not so attractive. Last time I fell in love with a pair of trainers was when Nike released their limited edition Liberty print Dunks back in May - they looked sweeeet but unfortunately I didn't manage to get my hands on a pair (I'm still hoping a pair in size 6 will pop up on Ebay).

Day & Night Boutique

Back in September on my trip to Motherland I came across a little shopping wonder in the shape of the Day & Night Boutique in St. Petersburg. Outside it looked like any other shop as the windows where covered by huge posters but once I stepped inside, it felt like I'd been transported to another world. I was greeted by a pleasant shop assistant (which are hard to come by in Russia from my experience) that left me to wonder round by myself for a bit (which I was ecstatic about as I hate it when shop assistants follow you like they're your shadow). Another equally pleasant assistant came to my rescue when I got a bit lost and confused in the maze type interior - there was a lot of "going up, to get down" sort of thing going on. The main focus are the luminous neon tubes that float round the boutique and the quirky furniture also caught my eye, especially the bullhead chair and the table with a womans gold legs (one of the assistants later told me that this was made from a leg cast of a famous Russian ballet dancer). I must have been ooo-ing and ahh-ing all over the place and drooling over the Lanvin alien insect inspired jewellery on display.

I later did some research and found out that the genius behind it all is Russian interior designer Anton Gurlanov, who is also the brains behind some of Moscow's finest hotel interiors. The idea behind the giant tubes "was a Windows screensaver, 3D Pipes, which fills the monitor with an ever-generating, illusionistic tangle of tubing". I'll admit I was more impressed with the interior than the clothes themselves, as you can find these type of garms down Bond Street in London but I did find my beloved Philip Lim skirt there which goes with everything and I have practically been living in. Craig of Altamira NYC took this lovely pic of me wearing said skirt during London Fashion Week.

Hat - vintage, coat - Miss Selfridge, shirt - old Zara, bag - ebay, shoes - old Topshop.

Fashion on TV

Since Stylista doesn't air till next week and British Style Genius was a bit boresville last night (actually really like Twiggy's Frock Exchange though - is that wrong?), I was glad to come across The Rachel Zoe Project. The nasaly American accents are a bit distracting at first but once you get used to them, the show is actually pretty good and some of the outfits are killer. I used to think Rachel Zoe was a bit of a ponce, trying to be all exotic with her second name and all (pronounced 'Zo" when its clearly spent Zoeeeeee) and didn't think she was that great at styling but after watching the show my opinion of her has changed. I can see thats she's really passionate about her job and makes her clients happy (also I am very jealous of her wardrobe). You can watch the episodes here. I DIE.



I first came across Cuprocking through random blog browsing - a new form of art. It's environmentally friendly (reusing cups in the name of art) and not as long lasting as graffiti but it can be cleaned up without spending the tax payers money. Cuprocking is the brainchild of Andy Uprock. The idea was first born when he was a young 'un playing soccer (football) and all the kids used to squish their drink cans and other bits of rubbish into the fence. It wasn't until he had a convo with one of his mates and fellow artist yonks later about innovative ideas, art and fences that it hit him. Do check out the site for more info, news, pics and where you can virtually cuprock yourself and then email your skills to Andy himself.

After seeing the photo above though, I was instantly reminded of Jeremy Scott's and Keith Haring's Adicolour Black Series tracksuit for Adidas. Couldn't find any decent pics of it but you can clearly see it being worm by Kylie's dancers in the "In Your Arms" vid, along with her wearing Gareth Pugh and Dolce & Gabbana (killed it with the crappy eye make-up no?).

Here's music artist Niyi wearing the tracksuit bottoms. You can
also have a looky at the actual tracksuit at the
Fashion V Sport
exhibition at the V&A along with other designers like
Cassette Playa. The exhibition is tiny but you get to see
ridiculous items such as a Chanel fishing rod.


Rainbow Magic

Because I get bored easily my minds tends to wonder and I get a sort of chain reaction of thoughts where one thing reminds me of another and so on and the new "nano-chromatic" advert happened to remind me of Fred Butler's colourful work.

Fred Butler is a London based props stylist and accessories designer. She works with art directors, stylists and photographers to create imaginative one-off pieces for fashion stories to enhance the aesthetic of a shoot. Her work is characterised by the inclusion of everyday object to create a kitsch yet elegant aesthetic.

She mostly works with paper to create origami type wonders but I have seen her use everyday objects such as tiny ice-cream spoons and pins to create something utterly beautiful and different. I heard of her a while ago (must say did think it was a guy at first) but didn't start paying attention until I saw THAT Selfridges display. She also has her own accessories line out.

West Is Best

The fashion gods have really been spoiling me with sartorial choice the past few months - to a point where I don't think I'll be leaving West London at all. A new shopping centre by the name of Westfield will opening its doors in Shepherd's Bush on 30th October. As well as all your usual high street suspects (All Saints, Bershka, Coast, Dorothy Perkins, French Connection, Jaeger, Kurt Geiger, Mango, Reiss, Topshop and Zara to name but a few) there will also be a 'high end' retail area called "The Village" where shoppers can indulge on designer brands such as Mulberry, Louis Vuitton, Armani and Tommy Hilfiger. Apparently its going to be the largest shopping centre in London (oo er!) - the interior is looking pretty good! Getting there won't be a problem either, with buses stopping right outside and Shephurd's Bush (Central) and new station Wood Lane (Hammersmith & City) on its western side and Shephurd's Bush railway station on its southern side. Bring it on!


Today Is A Good Day

My dock has magically reappeared (will try not to do anything to scare it off again) and I am now a member of Independent Fashion Bloggers! IFB is a community for independent fashion bloggers such as myself set up by Jennine Tamm of The Coveted. It has a nifty little feature called Links a la Mode where every week Jennine picks the best posts from her carefully selected members. Defo worth a browse!