Tim Walker - "Story Teller" exhibition at Somerset House

Walker’s images tell a story, they blur the boundaries between the real and the fantasy. His images are exquisite in colour and lighting and his ideas well executed. What makes Tim Walker really stand out as a photographer, is the fact he doesn’t rely on digital manipulation to create his images. Instead opting to work with a close team of very talented set designers and model makers to transform that fantasy into a reality. According to the photographer, the camera “is simply a box put between you and what you want to capture”. So the exhibition at Somerset House had a lot to live up to in my eyes, especially as I was left a little disappointed by his previous exhibition at the Design Museum back in 2008.

Wednesday night (17/10/12) saw Mulberry (the sponsor) throw the opening of the 'Story Teller' exhibition. Guests included Tim Burton and wife Helena Bonham-Carter, Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne. Guests were greeted with music by a string quartet and later on featured a live DJ set from Friendly Fires. Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to get an invite but had a pleasant experience nonetheless without the paparazzi and rubbing shoulder’s with the non-famous on a crisp, cold Sunday afternoon.

As I walked into the first room, I was instantly greeted by a giant plane prop from one of his shoots with the corresponding photos surrounding it all around the walls. As all the rooms were fairly small, it made the experience a bit more personal. I much preferred this to the vast space left at the Design Museum. You could really take in the scale of the props and empathise with the models, how they must have felt in such a magical environment. Be it a swan boat, a giant wasp playing an instrument or a huge snail climbing a corner of the wall.

The exhibition was a mix of editorials, personal work, props and portraits. In construct to his outlandish editorials, the portraits are shot against a simple white background. Yet they still manage to hold on to his trademark wit and playfulness through quirky poses but slightly vacant doll–like expressions of the models.

Tim himself seems to narrate the exhibition as you follow his quotes explaining his romantic notions of imagination spiraling around the walls like snakes and ladders. I don’t think I could chose a favourite room or piece as Im such a big fan but I could chose my least favourite. It would have to be the giant doll at the end. Being one of the props that’s been talked about the most (it took 20 wigs just to make the hair), I felt the positioning of it was very awkward. It hovers over you in the corner just before the exit, with a member of Somerset House watching your every move. It feels like it’s been forgotten about and being watched made me want to leave as soon as possible. I was also slightly irritated that the credits for the images included the model, location and clothes used but not the stylist or set designer. Possibly a clever way to get you to buy the book afterwards. However those are probably my only negative comments, especially considering the exhibition is free of charge.

Do look out for a series of special events in conjunction with the exhibition from “Spotlight Tours”, which will take visitors behind the inspiration of each image, to “Exhibitions on Film” – a selection of films that fit in with Walker’s signature surrealist style. Take note of the screening of “A Matter Of Life And Death’ on Saturday 3 November – an enchanting story of an RAF pilot who cheats death, or the ultimate family classic “The Wizard of Oz” showing on Saturday 8 December.

The exhibition will also include a series of workshops for all ages offering visitors the chance to meet and learn from some of the creatives and specialists that collaborate with Walker to create his stunning images, such as “Puppet Play Time with Andy Hillman” on Saturday 1 December, where you can build a giant animated puppet.

Even though Im very familiar with his works, I was delighted to come across some photos that I haven’t seen before and the props made me feel like a kid in a giant toy store. The curators really thought about the mix of old and new and making it fun and interesting for everyone – fashion lovers, daydreamers, culture buffs or someone just looking to escape a grey and cold autumn day for a couple hours.

Swarovski presents 'Anna vs Anna' film

This video is pretty spesh and we have the same name so win win. The gorgeous clothes are from the Rodarte archives customised with crystals from Swarovki Elements.

'Anna vs. Anna' is the latest avant garde film from acclaimed director and photographer Barnaby Roper, created exclusively for Swarovski.

Staring model Anna Jagodzinska, the film showcases a selection of exquisite pieces, selected by stylist Keegan Singh.

Inspired by the supernatural, the film demonstrates two sides of Anna's character, trasporting the viewer magically from shadow to brilliant light.

The film offers a unique experience, allowing the viewer to manipulate and interact with the imagery in 360 degrees.'

To use the 360 experience click on the lick below and chose which direction to go in by hovering the mouse over the screen.


Barcelona Fashion Week coming up...

So Im hitting Barcelona Fashion Week at the end of this month. Unfortunately I'm missing the first few days due to prior arrangements but here's my pick of the designers I'll be missing that caught my eye with their previous collections.






Eternal Style

“New year, new me” is probably the phrase you hear the most in January. So in theory our style evolves every year but what will we look like 20, 30, 40 years down the line?
I’ve always been fascinated by elderly people who don’t take the safe route when it comes to growing old. Who are just as adventurous with their style in their 60's/70's/80's+ as they were in their early 20's ad 30's. People like...

CATHERINE BABA (no-one is really sure of her age but her myspace says she's 75):


ANNA PIAGGI (age 79):

IRIS APFEL (aged 90):

Im so glad that there's now a blog documenting such awesome style. Check out Advanced Style. When I get older I want to be just like these ladies.

And I'll leave you with some of my favourite shoots with slightly more mature models from Schon and Dazed and Confused magazines.

Friday Night Fashion Fun

Can you guess who these Fashimals are?

Answers here.


Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada....

...If you didn't manage to get any Versace for H&M it doesn't even matter.
Pretty sure you can get it for waay cheaper off Ebay now with no crazy o'clock queuing either. But if you're still craving a bit of Versace loving, heres some vintage campaign ads for you.


Paperself: Look Into My Eyes...

Im loving these Paperself lashes right now (they also do lovely paper interior and furniture - check out their site). They'll be perfect for any upcoming Christmas parties and there's so many designs to chose from. The full lashes come in at £12 for a pair and the smaller ones are £10. And if you have any left over from trimming them to fit your eye shape, why not use them as nail art? Two in one - cheeky bonus!