Self Styled London

Im a huge fan (verging on obsession) when it comes to other people's personal style. I check out Streetstyle blogs such as Garance Dore, Jak & Jil and Facehunter on a daily basis, not to mention all the other bloggers that show what they're wearing that day such as Style Bubble, Cherry Blossom Girl and Style Rookie.

So I got just a little bit excited when I came across Self Styled London on Facebook. A site where photographer Anthony Lycett documents some of London's most stylish and daring people. All outfits are of course styled by the person that's being photographed.

I've seen a few familiar faces already, I hear there's more on the way...


Update: LRS=Little Red Shoes

Last week I went along to the MLPR Press Day and came across these beauts. They're by a shoe and accessories label called Emmy.

Emmy Scarterfield worked for big names such as Bottega Veneta and Giorgio Armani in Italy before coming back to the UK to launch accessory lines for French Connection. 

If you read my previous post, then you'll know that I'm determined to find the perfect pair of red Dorothy shoes. These are pretty much perfection  but a little bit pricy - they will set you back £2000. This pair was custom made (like all of Emmy's shoes) with over 3000 Swarovski crystals. Just the detachable red bows themselves took 2 days to make. So once you take all that into consideration, the price doesn't seem that unreasonable.  However I have been told by the lovely PR lady that a more wearable and affordable pair will be available soon.


New Designer Crush: Kalda

Kalda was set up by two sisters Katrin Alda and Rebekka in 2008. Based in Reykjavik, the twosome also own Einvera, "a cencept clothing store that represents individualism, self-expression and originality". The sisters decided to take things further with Kalda after a few designed pieces for their store got a lot of praise. The concept behind the label is "to create unique items without substitudes that are ideal for individuals who find satisfaction in swimming against the mainstream".

All of the pieces are made in their studio in Iceland. Here's a few of my fav:

Im afraid the label is only stocked in Iceland right now but you can buy the collection here.


Grunge It Up

Dazed & Confused is my favourite magazines of all time. I'm always blown away by the amazing photoshoots featured in every issue. Im also a massive fan of the goth/grunge look and have wanted to do a shoot inspired by it for an absolute age. Finally managed to do that a few weeks ago. Really pleased with the results. I'll be organising another shoot soon though (most probably on location this time).

I was really inspired by these images from old issues of Dazed. True to the goth/grunge theme but with a pop of pastels:

And here's what I came up with:

All styling & photography by me.


Computer Wars

Last month my laptop died on me and it took 3 weeks for it to be resurrected. So I haven't been able to post properly and have been way behind with editing photos from my previous shoots. All done now though so enjoy!

For my final project during my evening Fashion Photography course at LCF I decided to go for the Tribal theme.

Here are the images I was inspired by:

And here's the real deal.
All styling and photography by moi!