Friday Night Fashion Fun

Can you guess who these Fashimals are?

Answers here.


Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada....

...If you didn't manage to get any Versace for H&M it doesn't even matter.
Pretty sure you can get it for waay cheaper off Ebay now with no crazy o'clock queuing either. But if you're still craving a bit of Versace loving, heres some vintage campaign ads for you.


Paperself: Look Into My Eyes...

Im loving these Paperself lashes right now (they also do lovely paper interior and furniture - check out their site). They'll be perfect for any upcoming Christmas parties and there's so many designs to chose from. The full lashes come in at £12 for a pair and the smaller ones are £10. And if you have any left over from trimming them to fit your eye shape, why not use them as nail art? Two in one - cheeky bonus!