Lager Laughs

I can't seem to take Karl Lagerfeld seriously after reading Fake Karl and a Kaiser Karl teddy bear isn't helping this situation one bit. Famous German toy brand Steiff and Karl himself have collaborated to create this masterpiece. And with a price tag of $1500, I can't help but laugh!


From Russia With Love

As I'm going to Russia today I thought I'd give you a somewhat related post. I've only got a few hours till I have to leave for the airport so this post will be a little rushed.

I know Russia in general isn't very well known for its style, I blame the fake tan, tits/legs out type girls you get down the West End but I think Russians are finally becoming a bit more adventurous (in a non-tacky way) with the way they dress and people are starting to take notice. Being Russian myself, I don't feel like it most of the time (and defo don't dress like it), so I will be getting a few odd looks in my home town of St. Petersburg soon (mostly from family friends, passers by usually think I'm a tourist). I do like to keep up to date with whats going on in the Russian fashion world though. Mother brings back Russian Vogue all the time as its much cheaper there and I check this site called Look At Me more and more regularly nowadays. As I'm obsessed with street style of course the "Looks" section is my fav. I was pleasantly surprised to find a few well dressed people on there. It's a shame that it doesn't tell you where abouts in Russia they're from. My guess is Moscow as they seem to be a bit more fashion forward than the rest (their own Fashion Week and most indie Russian designers are impossible to find anywhere else). So here's my run down of the Top Ten Best Dressed in Russia (from the Look At Me site anyways).

Another One

Yep it's time for another collab for H&M, this time it's Comme des Garcons (well technically Rei Kawakubo). I must say I wasn't too bothered about the Karl/Stella/Madonna ones but did take an interest when I heard Viktor & Rolf would be doing one, of course I was left a bit disappointed (wedding dress anyone?). That trench coat with the heart buckle proved to be rather popular though, as will this one by Comme.

The rest of the outfits Im not so sure about, very Comme but I was expecting something more as their recent collection was unbelievable (in a good way). The line will consist of "mostly black and with Japanese tomboy airs, the H&M collection includes a range of tailored jackets, many deconstructed, along with cropped pants, baggy shorts and a variety of skirts in stretch wool. On the perkier side are polkadot knits in jersey or merino wool, colorful shirts - some with dots - and a "showpiece" coat-dress decorated here and there with dense Victorian ruffles." The look book doesn't include accessories, so at least I've got that to look forward to and I hear that there will also be a unisex perfume (unisex usually tends to smell more like mosquito spray than perfume, so not too sure about that one either) but we'll see. The line is supposed to hit stores in November.

*The HK post IS coming but it will have to wait as I am going to Russia for a week tomorrow.*


No More

There shall be no more posts untill 17th Aug because I am in China and cannot read Chinese and Sophia is a lazy sod and computers hate her. But I'll give ya'll a Hong Kong update when I is back. Nothing much going on in Sanya though - sand, sea and lots of Russians. Highlights so far have been the Silk & Pearl Centres and watching the opening cremony of the Olympics. Take me back to Hong Kong please!