Christopher Kane Unisex Tshirts

I've been coveting this dress ever since I laid eyes on it as soon as Christoper Kane's SS 09 collection came out but alas:
1) I knew I couldn't afford it
2) It wasn't a dress that I could exactly wear on a regular basis

So I was super excited to find out he had designed a unisex (more affordable) tshirst collection inspired by the hairy apes.

If I had a spare £180 (one tshirt will set you back 224 euros) or so, I'd get the one on the right (the Gorilla I believe) and wear it to death. However if you're in the money (feel free to buy me one as an early birthday pressie), these Christopher Kane tshirts are available at in all sizes - the Mandrill, Baboon, Chimp and the Gorilla.

Actually cannot wait!!!


Petra Scissor Hands

Whilst digging some more dirt on Paloma Faith for my previous post, I came across this video of her in a little paper world.

This little gem was directed by Petra Storrs who describes herself as "a London based Art Director whose work encompasses, set and prop design and construction, stage design, stage costume design, design and fashion design, for various stills, events and music promo clients". Oo er is there anything this lady can't do?

Her and Paloma seem to have a very close working relationship as this video isn't the first time they have collaborated. Storres also did the set design for "Stone Cold Sober" as well as creating the beautiful tin dress and other various stage outfits for Paloma (also spotted Patrick Wolf wearing one of her creations in her portfolio). Going through her portfolio, the images that stood out the most to me where these from the "Optical Opulence" paper editorial (photographed by Rai Royal and styled by Justine Josephs) she did for Sublime Magazine. Click on the image to see a larger version in another window!


Paloma Faith: New Artist Crush

Well when I say "new" I actually came across Paloma about 4 years ago in the dark and dingy basement of 333 when she was still more of a performance artist than a singer. She emerged out of a bath full of feathers and then gave birth to something full of fake blood on stage before unleashing her beautiful voice to sing a song. I instantly fell in love with her then and have been following her career ever since. So of course I got overly excited when I saw her new music video full of familiar East London faces (Russela, Ryan Styles, Amechi & Josh Weller amongst others) for "Stone Cold Sober" being played on TV. She has also made an appearance as an actress in the new "St Trinians" film and was filming a movie with the late Heath Ledger before he sadly passed away. But of course since I'm a fashion hag, what really drew to me to her straight away were her amazing outfits. Miss Faith has already gathered quite an impressive portfolio on her Myspace appearing and modeling for various magazines. Here I've picked out some of my favs. Watch this space!