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Yes the time has come, after months of outfit spotting and pondering over the plot - Sex & The City: The Movie is out today (28th May). This will be a perfect end to a day of sample sale rummaging - Valentino at 10am and The Secret Sample Sale at 1pm on Thursday 29th (its also the last day of the Tata Naka sample sale).

If you enjoyed Lagerfeld Confidential last year - you'll be glad to hear that there's not one, not even two but three new biopics of Coco Chanel in the pipeline. French actress Audrey Tautou will be playing the leading lady. Vivienne Westwood also let slip last year that her life will soon be adapted for the screen aswell. She revealed that when Hollywood producer Brian Grazer came knocking on her door she didn't realise it was to make a film about her. "I just thought this Brian Grazer was coming to pick my brains for a film on fashion," she told the L.A Times. "I'm not doing it from an ego point of view, that my life is so important but as a representative of a time that is really true and part of our culture and to show the potential of human beings. That interests me," she added.

One movie that Stylistique cannot wait for any longer is Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Caroll by Marilyn Manson. We absolutly fell in love with the PC game - American McGee's Alice, but looks like we're going to have to wait a bit longer as filming has been posponed again due to Manson's tour.

British model Lily Cole will be playing the role of Alice. We got an idea of how good Lily and Manson will look together after their shoot in Fashion Rocks Magazine in 2006.

And if you're still hungry for some more fashion films, you should catch the last few days of the Fashion in Film Festival.

We'll be hitting The 10th Victim at the ICA on Thursday. A movie about a world where murder is legal (and lots of fabulush outfits of course).

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