They say that the best things in life are free but unfortunately this hardly ever applies to fashion (unless you're a model/celeb - then you get bucket loads of free stuff just so you can get snapped by the papanazis with it. The higher up you are on the celeb food chain, the more freebies you get etc etc). So what to do when you're a bit on the skint side and need/want a new outfit and not a model/celeb? Well us mere mortals who aren't very good with the old sawing machine, usually chose to swap clothes instead. This is proving to be hugely popular now that people are finally starting to take notice of the whole "green" issue, where you are advised to recycle and reuse anything humanly possible.

As previously mentioned Hybird hold regular swapping nights at various venues across the UK and there's now even a club night where you can do the same called SWAP-A-RAMA but if you're really skint why not just hold your own swapping sesh with your mates at your gaff? Add a few homemade cocktails into the equation and you're sorted!

If I were you though, I'd save all my unwanted and unworn clobber for the daddy of all swapsies - The Visa Swap. It's a bit more classy and therefore attracts a few celebs (meaning lots more nice designer stuff to chose from). This year the campaign is fronted by Li-Lo.

The concept is simple, bring all your unwanted designer and high street stuff to the Covent Garden location during a three week period and in return you will receive redeemable points on a Visa Swap card in exchange for your fashion mistakes. The more exclusive and more unique the garment, the more the points you’ll receive. On the final weekend you can redeem your points that you have obtained when you dropped off your unwanted items. And so you don't feel selfish, all items not swapped will be donated to popular clothing charity Traid. See you there!

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