Holiday Packing

Is not a pretty sight I tell yee! Shamefully half of that pile is Primark. I blame the crappy English weather, sure its hot now but it'll be raining next week just you wait and frankly this has put me into Autumn mode already, hence hardly any decent summer clothes! The summer sales have been a complete disappointment as well, I think the only sale item I got was a t-shirt from Urban Outfitters. Hopefully China & Russia will restore my faith in shopping again.

P.s. If anyone can recommend any places in Hong Kong/St.Petersburg that I MUST visit, that would be much appreciated. Not just talking shopping here - galleries, cute cafes/bars, anything goes as long as its not uber touristy. Ta!

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Anonymous said...

in HK, go to Festival Walk, all the major brands can be found there including most Japanese cult brands at slashed prices. Also, shop along the streets of Mong Kok, don't visit Newton streets tho, the things are the same but more costly on Newton street. However, Newton has a few shopping centres worth the visit. Eat the local fare, skip the international food no matter what others may say; not worth the try.