LFW Feb 09: Day 1

Due to feeling a bit poorly I only managed to get my arse down to Alexandra Groover and Kling by Kling on the first day of London Fashion Week. I've been following Groover's work for a while now and was really pleased for her when I found out that she'll be showing this month. However I was left a little disappointed in the end  - after a 40min wait for the show to start, I was expecting something more. Don't get me wrong it wasn't bad, I just left like something was missing and it wasn't the colour, I liked that she kept it simple focusing on the texture of fabrics and the structure of clothes instead. I could also she the sea reference in her garments (Groover grew up on the shores of California), such as the "jellyfish" strip dress and the hooded "seashell" coat. The pics I took on my shitty digital camera defo won't help matters (in my sickly state I forgot to take my proper Digital SLR), so I will use the pics from her lookbook instead to give you an idea of what she's all about (you can also have a look the show pics here).

Kling by Kling opted for a presentation instead of a catwalk show, which I think was a wise move as there;s more of an interaction with the audience that way. Plus it wasn't just clothes that they where showing but wallpaper, dishes and sunglasses too. Kling started out only using monochrome graphics so it was a brave development to add hues of blue's and greens this time round. The new collection was based around clowns and describes itself as "a magical circus of dreams fresh from Kling by Kling's fantasies". Really liked the idea of the models walking around giving out black balloons as well. My camera died on me right at the end but they all came together on the stage, looking like cute little clown statues.

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those photographs are too my taste, so is your blog!