Christopher Kane Unisex Tshirts

I've been coveting this dress ever since I laid eyes on it as soon as Christoper Kane's SS 09 collection came out but alas:
1) I knew I couldn't afford it
2) It wasn't a dress that I could exactly wear on a regular basis

So I was super excited to find out he had designed a unisex (more affordable) tshirst collection inspired by the hairy apes.

If I had a spare £180 (one tshirt will set you back 224 euros) or so, I'd get the one on the right (the Gorilla I believe) and wear it to death. However if you're in the money (feel free to buy me one as an early birthday pressie), these Christopher Kane tshirts are available at in all sizes - the Mandrill, Baboon, Chimp and the Gorilla.


Christina Sanders said...

Wow, they are great t-shirts. However if you want an even cheaper option there are some similar style t-shirts on ebay. I was looking at ones with wolves instead of a gorilla, with a view to make my own Christopher Kane style dress!

Lots of love
Christina xxx

Miss V (Stylistique) said...

Thanks for the tip Christina. I think wolves are a bit too over done now but that's given me an idea to search other animals on Ebay =)

uggboots said...
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