Sneaky Holiday - Dubrovnik, Croatia

I kept this one quiet but I went on holiday to Dubrovnik, Croatia last week and it so happened that the first ever Dubrovnik Fashion Week was happening at the same time.

Dubrovnik stole my heart and I can't wait to come back there in a few years time. The Old Town is surrounded by the beautiful sea and has a harbor, quirky little side streets that lead off the main road where you find cute little cafes and small hand made jewellery boutiques (I got a beautiful vintage style silver ring as a souvenir with a large turquoise stone in the middle, surrounded by tiny coral stones all around for about £48). The food is fresh, especially the sea food and cooked to perfection. Not everyone can afford to eat at Gil's, it's pretty pricey a Mojito set me back about £10 but I recommend at least popping in for a drink for the amazing view and service.

I also came across FAAR Magazine whilst picking up my passes at the DFW Press Office. Had a quick flick through and liked what I saw - check out the site.

And whilst I'm on the subject of magazines, also check out PUSH IT Magazine. The magazine is Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina's 1st International style magazine mixing the best of the Balkan's with the rest of the world. I've been following their progress for a while and like the look of their photoshoots. Check it.


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