Fashion for Dummies: Pronunciation

If you want to stand out in the fashion industry, you got you have a catchy or unusual name (unfortunately the latter are usually impossible to pronounce). We’ve all been there; faced with a name of a designer you have no clue how to pronounce. You have two options – admit you haven’t got a Scooby or say it really fast /mutter it under your breath and hope no-one notices. Major fashion faux pas (pronounced ‘foe paw’)!

But so you never end up in such a situation, here’s a list of fashion peeps you should know how to pronounce like a pro.

Let’s start with the big guns:

-Aquascutum: Ah-kwa-SKEW-tum

-Azzedine Alaia: Aza-deen A-LYE-a

-Bvlgari: BOOL-ga-ree

-Lacroix: la-KWA

-Christian Louboutin: Kree-styan Loo-boo-tahn

-Comme des Garçons: Comb day Gar-SON

-Dries Van Noten: DREEZE van KNOW-ten

-Hermès: AIR-mehz

-Hervé Léger: Air-vay Lay-jay

-Hussein Chalayan: Who-sane Sha-lion

-Junya Watanabe: JOON-ya Wah-TAH-nah-bay

-Lanvin: Lon-VAN

-Loewe: LOO-eh-VAY

-Moschino: Mo-SKI-no

-Proenza Schouler: Pro-EHN-za SKOO-ler

-Rodarte: Ro-dar-tay

-Thierry Mugler: TEh-ree MOOH-gleh

-Versace: Ver-sah-chee OR Ver-saw-chay

-Yves Saint Laurent: Eve Sane LAUR-ahn

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