Turning heads: Tomihiro Kono

I didn't really have time to attend shows this season for LFW but I did come across Tomihiro Kono during a showroom based on Japanese designers. Tomihiro actually started out as a hair dresser in Japan and the moved onto session hair styling when he moved to London. His wig and head prop creations soon caught the eye of creatives in the fashion, performance, art and music industries.

On his website it says that he's style is based on Dadaism and Surrealism. He's also heavily influenced by a movement called 'assemblage expressionism' started after WWII, where 3-D compositions where created using found objects. I've always been a fan of vintage so the fact that he uses vintage materials is a plus in my books, as it makes his creations unique and eco-friendly at the same time.

Some of his pieces are available on trusty Not Just A Label.

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