Enchanted Palace

As I walked through the gates of the park on my way to Kensington Palace, I was taken back to my childhood. The familiar swings in the playground, my favourite hide & seek spot and the beautiful pond in the background where I used to feed the ducks.

The feeling of being a little kid again didn’t leave me as I took my first few steps into the Enchanted Palace exhibition to be greeted my childish writing on the walls telling me which way to go. On my arrival I was given a little booklet of clues. I had to find names of seven Princesses hidden away in certain rooms, which made it feel like a treasure hunt.

I’ve been to Kensington Palace before and was amazed at how a few props and the right lighting could completely transform a place. Most rooms had an eerie blue/purple hue that worked well with works by William Tempest, Stephen Jones and Aminaka Wilmont. The grand gold room in the centre took my breath away. Works by Boudicca hanging from the ceiling like chandeliers fitted in well with the rest of the interior. The room with a giant lantern in the shape of a dress by Echo Morgan was one of my favourites as there was a massive wardrobe full of different sized drawers. These drawers were filled with beautiful drawings, etchings and jewellery from around the world. Of course seeing a Victorian style dress by Vivienne Westwood close up was a highlight in itself.

I'd recommend this exhibition to anyone who had an imaginary friend as a child, believed in fairytales and wants some of that magic back in their life.

Enchanted Palace exhibition at Kensington Palace, Kensington Gardens, London W8 4PX - until 2nd January 2011

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