The Live Issue Launch

Last night I dragged myself and my friend Kristen to the Live Issue Launch and boy am I glad I did! This wasn't one of those boring fashion parties where there's nothing to do but get pissed on the free booze and see if you can spot any celebs/anyone you know. At this party you could actually interact - like getting your mug drawn by an illustrator and then get interviewed for Sketchbook Magazine or photocopy your face/boobs/feet to go up on the wall. They also had some snazzy displays of Pam Hogg's and Rachel Freire's works.

Some guy at the bar asked me what I thought about the party and I honestly think it's brilliant idea (think the guy was a bit weirded out by the whole event though). I always feel like I should "behave" myself when I go to a fashion party and that just sucks all the fun out of it. Isn't fashion supposed to be fun though? Also unless you're a well known Editor of a magazine, getting to sit front row at a fashion show is highly unlikely. You're usually a few rows back/standing and can't see the details of the garments. The Live Issue let people have a proper look at the clothes and feel the texture.

The goodie bags weren't bad either!

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