Down The Rabbit Hole Part 2

Well if I'm honest, I was expecting a little bit more for my £15 (this defo wasn't as good as the Faust performance) but I had fun and it was a nice change from going to a club/bar/pub on a Friday night.

The warehouse was made into a sort of Alice in Wonderland maze, with different rooms for the different stages in the story with weird things hanging from the ceiling, light projections and a very confusing mirror room. There were only two rooms where the audience got to really interact though - the crackhead caterpillar riddle room & the tea party room where a band called Micachu (might sound like some sort of Pokemon but don't let the name fool you - I predict big things for them in the near future) were playing. I was on fire in the riddle room (got almost all of them right), so much so the caterpillar decided to cool me down with some "iceberg" (tap) water. I didn't like the sound of that too much, he got all angry and shouty, I made a swift exit...

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