Westwood Tunes

No, not that nincompoop Tim Westood but Dame Vivienne Westwood (I'm pretty sure people that read this blog don't need the second link but my ex actually didn't know who she was and the one before that had never heard of the Sex Pistols. Seriously, where do I find them?!). Well she's decided to release a compilation album called "Catwalk Breakdown" with 16 of her fav tracks (will be suprised if a Sex Pistols song isn't on there) that reflect the style of her clothes and its about bloody time too!

"My clothes always tell a story. It may refer to the past, but it's always projected into this heroic future. And I choose the music accordingly," says the designer. "Sometimes the music can just be sexy, it can let you relax, look at the clothes, put people into a fantastic mood. Then it might just have to swing back and lift you up to the final triumph of the fashion show."

According to the album will be released on September 15th "at an exclusive launch event in Selfridges Oxford Street store, and the retailer will turn its Wonder Room into an homage to all things Westwood to celebrate; archive pieces will be exhibited alongside current designs and one off show outfits, and there will be special "listening stations" where customers can listen to the album whilst watching Westwood's fashion shows, past and present". Sounds a bit spesh - please send me one of these "exclusive launch event" tickets my way!

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