I first came across Cuprocking through random blog browsing - a new form of art. It's environmentally friendly (reusing cups in the name of art) and not as long lasting as graffiti but it can be cleaned up without spending the tax payers money. Cuprocking is the brainchild of Andy Uprock. The idea was first born when he was a young 'un playing soccer (football) and all the kids used to squish their drink cans and other bits of rubbish into the fence. It wasn't until he had a convo with one of his mates and fellow artist yonks later about innovative ideas, art and fences that it hit him. Do check out the site for more info, news, pics and where you can virtually cuprock yourself and then email your skills to Andy himself.

After seeing the photo above though, I was instantly reminded of Jeremy Scott's and Keith Haring's Adicolour Black Series tracksuit for Adidas. Couldn't find any decent pics of it but you can clearly see it being worm by Kylie's dancers in the "In Your Arms" vid, along with her wearing Gareth Pugh and Dolce & Gabbana (killed it with the crappy eye make-up no?).

Here's music artist Niyi wearing the tracksuit bottoms. You can
also have a looky at the actual tracksuit at the
Fashion V Sport
exhibition at the V&A along with other designers like
Cassette Playa. The exhibition is tiny but you get to see
ridiculous items such as a Chanel fishing rod.

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