Day & Night Boutique

Back in September on my trip to Motherland I came across a little shopping wonder in the shape of the Day & Night Boutique in St. Petersburg. Outside it looked like any other shop as the windows where covered by huge posters but once I stepped inside, it felt like I'd been transported to another world. I was greeted by a pleasant shop assistant (which are hard to come by in Russia from my experience) that left me to wonder round by myself for a bit (which I was ecstatic about as I hate it when shop assistants follow you like they're your shadow). Another equally pleasant assistant came to my rescue when I got a bit lost and confused in the maze type interior - there was a lot of "going up, to get down" sort of thing going on. The main focus are the luminous neon tubes that float round the boutique and the quirky furniture also caught my eye, especially the bullhead chair and the table with a womans gold legs (one of the assistants later told me that this was made from a leg cast of a famous Russian ballet dancer). I must have been ooo-ing and ahh-ing all over the place and drooling over the Lanvin alien insect inspired jewellery on display.

I later did some research and found out that the genius behind it all is Russian interior designer Anton Gurlanov, who is also the brains behind some of Moscow's finest hotel interiors. The idea behind the giant tubes "was a Windows screensaver, 3D Pipes, which fills the monitor with an ever-generating, illusionistic tangle of tubing". I'll admit I was more impressed with the interior than the clothes themselves, as you can find these type of garms down Bond Street in London but I did find my beloved Philip Lim skirt there which goes with everything and I have practically been living in. Craig of Altamira NYC took this lovely pic of me wearing said skirt during London Fashion Week.

Hat - vintage, coat - Miss Selfridge, shirt - old Zara, bag - ebay, shoes - old Topshop.

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The Fashion Assistant said...

yeah!!! I saw the pic of you on Altamira, you looked stunning!!!