Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals

Ok I realise that I go on about Jeremy Scott quit a bit, I really don't think he's THAT great but I do love love love his new line for Adidas which hits selected fashion boutiques come 1st February. I've never really been into sportswear that much apart from the occasional hoodie so I was really impressed when I saw these pics. I've been looking for the perfect flapper dress and tails coat but they've been going for ridiculous prices on Ebay. Maybe its fashion fate - maybe I'm supposed to get these instead? Although I'm not sure of the prices yet, it could be what my wardrobe is missing.

And yes I'm even in love with the trainers (the angel wings ones will also be available in white but personally I think the gold looks more impressive). I usually only admire trainers from afar as they make my legs look not so attractive. Last time I fell in love with a pair of trainers was when Nike released their limited edition Liberty print Dunks back in May - they looked sweeeet but unfortunately I didn't manage to get my hands on a pair (I'm still hoping a pair in size 6 will pop up on Ebay).


fashion blah blah said...

looks like a funny and cute collection!

Vintage Tea said...

I quite love the white tee.