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Since Stylista doesn't air till next week and British Style Genius was a bit boresville last night (actually really like Twiggy's Frock Exchange though - is that wrong?), I was glad to come across The Rachel Zoe Project. The nasaly American accents are a bit distracting at first but once you get used to them, the show is actually pretty good and some of the outfits are killer. I used to think Rachel Zoe was a bit of a ponce, trying to be all exotic with her second name and all (pronounced 'Zo" when its clearly spent Zoeeeeee) and didn't think she was that great at styling but after watching the show my opinion of her has changed. I can see thats she's really passionate about her job and makes her clients happy (also I am very jealous of her wardrobe). You can watch the episodes here. I DIE.

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The Fashion Assistant said...

Did you know there's going to be ANOTHER fashion tv show coming soon on ITV2?? It's called The Fashion Project.

The Fashion Assistant