Wode by Boudicca

Wode is the first "art" fragrance by Boudicca which launched during Frieze Art Fair last week and can now be all yours for £85 from The idea came from the Ancient Britons who used a blue plant extract "woad" as tribal markings (apparently in its raw state it is a muddy hue and only when exposed to oxygen did it turn blue) and it has taken almost a decade to develop. I think this is pure genius - even after the blue has disappeared the Boudicca mark is still on you just in a completely different sensual form. The packaging is in the shape of a spray paint can to symbolize that graffiti is the modern day war paint. Boudicca is also in the process of creating a collection of garments with 'hidden meanings' which are revealed by spraying them with Wode.

Zowie Broach from JC Report on Vimeo.

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